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VRTEX 360 Benefits:


  • Multiple welding processes and positions
  • Variety of joint configurations
  • Instructor tools allow modification based on preferred welding program and style


  • Realistic appearance of welding puddle and welding sounds
  • Magnetic tracking system provides accurate measurements for student evaluation

Classroom Performance

  • Visual cues give real-time technique feedback
  • Record, archive and verify student work and performance

Consumable and Environmental Savings

  • No welding consumables, wire or waste
  • Track savings with the Weldometer™

VRTEX 360 Features:

  • Supports All Out of Position Welds from flat, horizontal, vertical to overhead, the VRTEX 360 supports all position welding and can be ready in a matter of minutes.
  • User Machine Interaction provides equipment and procedural set-up using a touchscreen display for movement through the simulation software. VRTEX 360 and VRTEX Mobile supported functionality is mirrored to make transfer of interaction seamless between the systems.
  • Dedicated Welding Gun and Stinger provides tactile feedback which adds realism to the simulation. The VRTEX 360 stinger device retracts at the rate a real stick electrode would melt off to simulate the melting of a real electrode.
  • Tabletop Coupon Stand allows the VRTEX 360 welding coupons to be placed in multiple positions with or without the adjustable table to simulate real welding applications.



      The VRTEX® Mobile is a basic, entry level welding training system. It is designed to provide mobility in an easy to use and engaging welding training tool. The VRTEX® Mobile is ideal for initial, basic welding training, as a recruitment and engagement tool for educational and industry and for employment and screening for human resources or as an evaluation tool for instructors and educators to get a baseline on student knowledge.

      The VRTEX® Mobile is definitely on the move!

        • Easily transported
        • Universal gun handle allows for connection of a MIG/MAG gun attachment for GMAW and FCAW welding and an optional accessory for SMAW
        • Flexible tabletop coupon welding stand
        • Supports tee joint, flat plate and groove joint
        • Easy to use, interactive touchscreen user interface VRTEX® Mobile is a best-in-class, advanced level welding training 

      VRTEX Mobile Provides:


      • Multiple welding processes and positions
      • Variety of joint configurations
      • Instructor tools allow modification based on preferred welding program and style


      • Realistic welding puddle appearance and sounds
      • Magnetic tracking system provides accurate measurements for student score and evaluation
      • Virtual weld discontinuities appear in the weld when improper welding technique is used


      • Visual cues give real-time technique feedback
      • Advanced scoring system for student evaluation
      • Encourages interaction — the instructor can coach the welder while conducting virtual weld inspection
      • Record, archive and verify student work.


      • No welding consumables, wire or waste
      • Track savings with the Weldometer™



      English, French, German, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Korean, Hindi and Arabic

      DEMO MODE:


      Allows the instructor or student to view an example weld or a demonstration of proper technique, prior to a weld being made



      Allows for instructor or student to review and analyze the welding process

      Note: table not included.


      VRTEX Mobile Brochure

      Robotic Welding for Education, Skills Training and Workforce Development

      To help equip students for advanced manufacturing and technology, Lincoln Electric offers schools, universities and educational programs with robotic systems designed to demonstrate, develop and teach the proper techniques, programming and welding for a career. 

      These systems come in the form of a mobile robotic welding cart to fixed or positioning systems, whichever solution is right for you, your students and local industry to meet the needs of developing the right workforce, with the right skills.

      • Provide students with skills related to advanced manufacturing
      • Teach robotic programming and welding using the same equipment installed in manufacturing and fabrication locations globally
      • Develop partnerships with industry locations to ensure graduation employment rates are high and students have the right skills for employers.
      • Implement robotics and advanced manufacturing training in multiple programs and classes.

      Manufacturing and fabrication have changed dramatically. Competitive pressure has expanded and businesses of all sizes are now competing on a global level. With that fact, the skills and the capabilities of manufacturing companies have been challenged to:

                          • Increase productivity
                          • Improve quality
                          • Reducing costs

       Coupled with the fact that there is a critical shortage of skilled labor, the manufacturing industry needs to implement automated fabrication processes and solutions to remain competitive. Robotics plays a major role in today's manufacturing and fabrication environments, and this role continue to expand into the future.  Robotic education is a key initiative for many employers and, therefore, plays a major part in training and education programs.

      To help welding instructors achieve these new skills and enhance training in the classroom and welding lab, Lincoln Electric has launched robotic welding education and training systems to demonstrate and teach real-life industrial robotic concepts, capabilities, programming and robotic welding.


      • Complete, ready to go package
      • Mobile system can be rolled into multiple classrooms and labs through a standard doorway
      • Easily expandable work surface
      • Small footprint to easily incorporate in the classroom or lab
      • Welding and offline programming uses
      • Integrated safety measures




      Robotic Education Cell 2.0 Brochure



      With the REALWELD® Trainer in your welding booth, students can practice Stick, MIG and flux-cored arc welding, while receiving audio coaching and weld performance tracking on 5 key parameters. It’s like having a teacher’s assistant right in the booth helping to advance every student toward their career goals.

      Product Info


      Instructors and distributors discuss the advantages of a REALWELD®
      Trainer for weld training environments at every level – it’s like having a
      personal trainer in every booth.


      For some, the first step into the virtual learning environment can be a big one. Lincoln Electric makes that first step easier with VRTEX® Engage™.
      This standalone foundational system is designed to introduce students to the skilled trades – specifically arc welding.

      The VRTEX Engage includes a touch screen monitor, welding gun, tracking device and a work surface. It’s all contained in a lightweight and portable
      carrying case that can be deployed in any setting – industrial, educational or elsewhere.

      The VRTEX Engage is a cost-effective tool designed to help educators train welders more efficiently and engage students to explore a career in welding.
      The system addresses introductory welding lessons, including safety, machine and process selection, welding procedure set up, welding theory and more.



      • Learn Anywhere
        The portable system sets up anywhere to introduce the skilled trades to students.
      • One Small Step
        VRTEX Engage provides an introductory environment that incorporates STEM features, exposure to welding safety, procedures and techniques.  
      • No Hidden Fees
        With VRTEX Engage, there are no licensing requirements or annual fees for use.
      • Increase Hands-On Practice
      • Explore Welding Career Paths
      • Reduce Costs with No Waste
        There is no use of metal or gas in the virtual environment.



      • Complete Package
        VRTEX Engage, housed in a sturdy rolling hardshell case, contains a complete learning environment. Just open the box and get started.
      • View a Demo of Each Weld
      • Instant Feedback and Assessments
        Evaluate student understanding of basic welding safety and weld procedure setup.
      • Video Replay
        For instructor or student review and analysis on the welding process.


      Additional Details

      • Virtual reality machine includes a touch screen monitor, welding gun, tracking device and a work surface in a portable case
      • GMAW, FCAW-G and FCAW-S, SMAW
      • Replay the weld and watch the play back
      • View a demo weld for every weld
      • Base metals include: ASTM A36
      • Welding positions: 2F, 3F, 1G, 2G
      • Transfer types: short arc, pulse and spray
      • Positions include vertical, horizontal and flat
      • Multi-pass welds
      • Scores: travel speed, work angle, travel angle, contact tip to work distance, and aim
      • Weld discontinuities tracked: incomplete fusion/penetration, slag inclusion, porosity, undercut, poor bead placement, wrong weld size, convex/extra reinforcement, concave/underfill, and excess spatter
      • Real welding sounds
      • Record, archive and verify student work
      • Interactive safety and measurement lessons
      • Virtual Reality Environments related to career opportunities
      • CE certified

      VRTEX Engage Product Info

      VRTEX Engage Brochure