Improving Hands-On Education for Students and Workers in Hattiesburg, MS

In 1924, Pearl River College became the first public two-year college in Mississippi. Almost 100 years later, Pearl River Community College is still committed to providing their students with the most advanced technology and the best training programs available. Pearl River is one of the most prominent community colleges in Mississippi, and leads the charge in utilizing advanced, hands-on learning equipment and immersive e-learning technologies.

Pearl River doesn’t only enroll students out of high school, they also enroll a wide variety of non-traditional students with ages ranging from 18 to mid-40s. In addition to providing degree programs, Pear River offers non-credit classes to train workers to use the latest technology. After partnering with Sivad Inc. as its dedicated vocational equipment provider, the college has been able to increase the variety of non-credit classes and degree plans of study. Pearl River Community college has also been able to provide in-depth learning experiences for a diverse range of students and remain at the forefront of industrial technology in Hattiesburg, Ms.

Assessing the Need for Industrial Education

In 2017, educators from Pearl River conducted a survey to assess the educational needs of their local industrial partners. In doing so, Pearl River discovered a need for programs in industrial electronics and electronic engineering technology. Pearl River reached out to Sivad to acquire the educational equipment the college needed to create these curriculums.

Working with Sivad

For students and educators at Pearl River, we provided coursework, technology, and training for the programs they wished to add to their college. We strove to provide the best hands-on learning equipment and training for the educators, and our blended learning style has been utilized for maximum information retention among students.

Technology for the Students

The technology we provided has decreased the skills gap for students, allowing them to enter the workforce as prepared as possible. With FANUC robotics equipment and Amatrol equipment and e-learning software, students at Pearl River gain hands-on experience and immersive learning to better prepare them to make the transition from classroom to career.

Superior Training for Educators

We provided the entire program’s coursework, set up the equipment, and ensured the instructors were properly trained. Through our partnership, we arranged for Pearl River’s educators to go to FANUC to become certified FANUC Robotics instructors.

The Results

With Sivad’s help, Pearl River Community College added the electronic engineering and industrial electronics technology programs to their degree offerings. They were able to expand their non-credit classes, and they have been able to meet the employment and education needs of the surrounding industries. The programs, going on their third year, are a great success and have been filled to max capacity for each semester that they have been offered.

Internships and Employment Improvements

The industrial partners of the college have provided internships to students from each class. Nearly every student enrolled in these programs have been offered full-time positions before graduation.

Enriching Classes and Improving Programs

After introducing the equipment and learning devices received from Sivad, Pearl River provided enriched classroom experiences and improved programs. They have expanded programs to include industrial technologies and have utilized Sivad’s e-learning in their engineering, technological, and industrial programs.

As Pearl River Community College continues to expand, our employees at Sivad are proud to have made a difference in not only the education of the students but in the ability of the college’s programs to withstand the test of time.