Blended Learning

Where Blended Learning Meets Workforce Development

The Sivad Inc. Approach to Education

Sivad Inc. recognizes the technique and process differentiations in education today. With the many types of learning styles including visual, aural, verbal, and physical, we take a blended-learning approach to education.

By combining traditional and modern learning methods, we provide students with a well-rounded education that they can use to begin working life from day one. Students who are able to experience our unique curriculum are able to adapt and succeed in their careers much faster than those who only learn from the traditional teaching methods.

The Blended Learning Difference

At Sivad Inc., we use traditional teaching methods of lectures and textbooks and combine it with modern methods such as e-learning, simulation training, and hands-on experience. Students are able to work with the actual programs and machines they will likely be using in their careers for better initial understanding.

For secondary and post-secondary institutions, an integrated, blended learning experience provides better control and learning paths for students of all ages. Options to complete assignments or tests online or in the classroom provides better opportunity for those restricted by location or time. Classroom time provides opportunity for questions and hands-on involvement.

Sivad Inc., provides the best education experience by tailoring the learning process to the students. Whether the students need more online-based curriculum or need to work with the product, we can support you with the proper curriculum, teaching materials, and equipment.

Instructor Support from the Beginning

From the beginning training and curriculum to the equipment installation and testing, we provide instructors with everything they need to make a difference in the lives of their students. With the proper equipment and materials, students are better prepared for their future.