Creating a Stronger Career Path to Advanced Manufacturing in New Orleans, LA

Delgado Community College in New Orleans, LA has been providing students with training and opportunities to enter the workforce since 1921. As Louisiana’s oldest and largest community college, Delgado is highly known throughout the state of Louisiana for its name and as leaders in workforce development.

Its mission is to provide students with a strong skillset that will allow them to take their education directly from the classroom to the workforce. With Sivad Inc. as their dedicated vocational equipment provider, Delgado Community College has been able to grow old and new advanced manufacturing programs, provide more successful outcomes for their students, and remain the most advanced providers for education in the New Orleans area.

The Issue with the Skills Gap in Technical Education

The biggest challenge among all secondary and post-secondary schools is providing students an education to the learn the valuable skills they will need for their careers in the future. Welding and maintenance have been two of Delgado’s strongest programs. To meet the demands of the current workforce, mechatronics became a new department at the school.

Working with Us

For the students and educators at Delgado, we provided the departments with the latest products and equipment that were relevant to their industry. In particular, our biggest focus was providing the right vocational learning materials for Delgado’s newest mechatronics department with automated advancement manufacturing.

New Technology for Students

With the technology provided, students are able to improve their skillsets with learning equipment that mirrors what people use in the workforce. The equipment was exactly what the industry workforce uses on a smaller scale.

Instrumentational Lab Setup

We also guided them through what the equipment was for, how to use it, and even provided a curriculum so that everyone was informed and prepared to make their newest department a success.

The Results

With the help from Sivad, we have been able to help Delgado expand its industrial electrical and industrial maintenance programs as well help grow their college as a whole. In August 2018, Delgado opened Delgado River City & Advanced Manufacturing. The new campus site offers technical, academic, credit, and non-credit programs for people with a variety of skill levels, ranging from dually enrolled high school students to current workforce employees.

Notably, the mechatronics program that we provided learning equipment and training for is also offered at their newest location, and is receiving great success.

Providing Students with Notable Apprenticeships

Delgado’s mechatronics program is now one of the most successful programs at the college in terms of career success among its students and city-wide recognition. The skills training that the students were receiving from Delgado’s mechatronics program was also key to the program being chosen to be a part of an innovative apprenticeship program in the Greater New Orleans Area.

In March 2019, Delgado was one of the three higher education institutions selected to be a part of an apprenticeship program with three of New Orleans’s largest manufacturing companies. For more information about Delgado’s apprenticeship program, click here.

Stronger Workforce Development Training

With their expansion with stronger learning equipment, the college has gotten more requests from businesses and industries throughout the New Orleans area. The programs are designed to help train their current workforce to either pre-train before a new hire starts the job or enhance a person’s skillset before a promotion. Its current workforce development training programs include:

  • Welding
  • Welding Upgrade
  • Hispanic Welding
  • Pipefitting
  • OSHA 10
  • OSHA 30
  • NCCER Core
  • Marine Diesel
  • Mechatronics

As Delgado Community College continues to grow and expand, our employees at Sivad are proud to say that they have been able to make a difference in not only the college but the students’ lives as they are able to receive the right employment training for the future.