Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing Training Equipment for Vocational & Workforce Development

Advanced manufacturing skills and knowledge of innovative technologies create leaders in the workplace. Place students and workforces on the path to highly compensated careers in a diverse range of industries including medical, automation, engineering, computation, robotics, and more with Sivad Inc.’s advanced manufacturing training, education, and development.

Career-Ready with Multi-Level Curriculum

We provide educators with industry-specific equipment and curriculum to support students in their learning of advanced manufacturing. Students and workforces alike enjoy multi-level learning experiences for immersive education. Our blended learning method combines traditional teaching methods with modern methods such as e-learning and simulation training. With hands-on experiences and knowledge-building lectures, students acquire skills faster and master them more completely for full understanding. Students are prepared for real-world experiences and problem solving with the in-depth knowledge necessary for advanced manufacturing careers.

Developed in conjunction with industry and educational needs, our curriculum and equipment ensure skills support modern production. Prepare each individual to improve manufacturing processes and products with advanced technologies and adaptive skills from Sivad’s advanced manufacturing curriculum.

Curriculum that Supports Careers

Sivad’s advanced manufacturing curriculum supports careers in a variety of industries including:

Backed by Amatrol

Sivad Inc. incorporates Amatrol’s multimedia learning software into the provided curriculum for high-quality content. The online-learning trainers allow students to work at their own pace and cover advanced level content. Leading the industry in software education, Sivad ensures your students or workforce works with the best for comprehensive knowledge.

Support Your Workforce or Vocational School with Sivad’s Support

Sivad is dedicated to providing vocational schools and companies with the curriculum and equipment they need to train highly-skilled employees. We offer instructor support and training to ensure effective skill and knowledge transfer. Call Sivad today and prepare students for the future.