Vocational Training Equipment for Skillset Building in Key Industries

Our extensive line of vocational training equipment and products provides you with the materials needed to build students’ skillset and experience in a controlled and safe environment. With the latest technology in the skill-building industry, we close the skills gap between the classroom and workforce to prepare students for their future. With an extensive choice in the latest technology, you can ensure that your school or industrial program will be well-equipped with the products and learning materials that your students need.


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Advanced Manufacturing

The innovative technology in the manufacturing field is constantly evolving, and it’s important that students are prepared to use the latest technology in advanced manufacturing. Our learning resources and equipment prepare students for the electrical, thermal, fluid power, mechanical, and process control operations that all go into working in the manufacturing industry.



We provide the resources and equipment needed to learn about each aspect of the transportation industry- design, manufacture, and maintenance, and everything in between. By providing interactive learning materials from brands like Megatech and VRSIM, your students can have the hands-on training to be equipped with the techniques and skillset needed in the industry.



For your construction and carpentry learning courses, we offer SimBuild programs so that students can gain a familiarity with the core skills needed to attain success in the field of residential construction or industrial machine work. The software’s content builds the abilities needed for many manufacturing jobs including tool use, safety, shop math, and plan reading.


Design & Fabrication

From 3-D print manufacturing to design simulation software, we have the latest technology in design and fabrication training equipment. Students are equipped with tools for engineering design, simulation, documentation, and sustainable design work.

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Green Energy

We have the materials to provide students with a job-ready learning experience in the sectors of green energy. Amatrol’s Green Energy Technology (GET) program is the finest in the industry. This learning program starts with many traditional technical skill-buildings like electric motor control, wiring, rotation machines, hydraulics, mechanical fabrication, print reading, and more. As the course goes on, the program advances into more specialized skills in wind turbine and solar thermal concepts.


Equipment Simulators

For a cost-effective way to train students and employees to operate heavy equipment, we offer simulation learning from VRTEX. The simulators are designed to teach students the hands-on skills they will need in the workforce in a safe environment. Everyone gets the same vocational training equipment and opportunity while instructors carefully pre-screen operator potential using their own simulator-based benchmarks.

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Our vocational training equipment for HVAC training systems are the best in the industry. Using products from leading brands such as Amatrol and iConnectTraining, students gain the knowledge and training required for safe and efficient operation on all types of systems in the industry. Our learning programs are equally effective for technicians, engineers, production workers and anyone looking to enhance their current skillset.


Oil & Gas

The Oil and Gas Industry provides the fuel that keeps the world moving forward and connects us in previously impossible ways. Our Amatrol and Bayport programs build industry-relevant competencies using simulators that incorporate standard features found on real equipment. Our vocational training equipment and systems are highly interactive curriculum for hands-on learning.



Integrating technology into math and science is key to making it attractive to today’s technology savvy students and preparing them for engineering programs in post-secondary schools. Our STEM learning systems are highly engaging and offer an interactive approach to keeps students constantly thinking critically and problem solving. Students are also able to go at their own pace so that boredom is never a factor in pursuing their passion for math and science.

Pipe Welding


Innovation, performance, flexibility, and consumable savings are all important factors in learning the components that go into welding. From robotics to virtual reality, our workforce development equipment from Lincoln Electric is designed to demonstrate and develop the proper techniques and programming for a welding career.

Learning Products


Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Systems

Whether your students are looking to work for a small or large manufacturer, we have a solution that will meet their specific needs. From robotic drilling machines to CNC simulators, we have everything that you will need in the classroom or training facility to effectively prepare students to operate CNC systems comfortably and effectively.


Credit- and Non-Credit-Based Certifications

Help students get an edge on the competition by offering certifcations for their abilities to use the latest tools and equipment. We offer credit and non-credit based certification programs for students who are looking to stand out in today’s job market and for instructors who want to master the curriculum before training their students.



Our e-Learning programs allow students to access more educational opportunities in technical skill development than what can be found in a normal classroom setting. The material is portable, allowing students to take their education anywhere they go. E-learning is also practical to use in a traditional classroom or as a blended learning approach for ease on both students and the instructors.


Immersive Virtual Reality

Allow students to step inside the world of innovation and industrial technology while enjoying the safety and comfort of a learning environment. Record, measure, and evaluate student work and performance in the VR system through a special magnetic tracking system built into the machine. The system addresses introductory lessons including safety, machine and process selection, procedure set-up, and more. Our VR equipment is ideal for students to receive hands on vocational training without actually going on site.


Portable Learning Systems

Training is more in demand now than ever before, but finding available training space is next to impossible. Amatrol’s portable learning systems are the perfect mobile and compact systems for those who face this challenge. They can be placed on a conference room table, shop floor desk, or practically anywhere where space is limited. Their durability and compact size also provide for safe, compact storage when available training space is needed for other uses.

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Smart Automation

Our automation products show learners how automation impacts their lives and cover general automation principles, components, and applications with a special focus on the most powerful automation tools: programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and robots.

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