Tailored Industrial Learning Equipment and Support for Your Industry

The modernization of manufacturing, factories, plants, and more has caused a demand for employees who are educated in current fields of technology. At Sivad Inc., we bridge the gap with industrial learning equipment, materials, and curriculum to better equip the current workforce for key industry jobs. As the turnkey solution, we partner with educational institutions and companies to provide them with the proper tools necessary to teach job-specific skills for better production and efficiency. 

Partnering Education and Industry with Tailored Industrial Learning Equipment & Support

Key industrial companies often need to modernize their facility all at once. With modernization, however, comes new requirements in workflow, operation, repairs, and management. When companies turn to educational institutions for help in cultivating new skills within their employees, we are there to support the institutions with specific industrial learning equipment and materials for the key industry in question. From welding to mechatronics, we are able to provide the curriculum, instructor training, and educational materials for various industries including:

At Sivad Inc., we ensure the partnership between institutions and industries thrive by providing valuable resources specific to the client’s needs. Whether the industry needs programming or troubleshooting training for their workforce, you as the trusted institution can rely on Sivad Inc. to provide you with all the industrial learning equipment and materials you need to effectively develop key skills. 

Direct Educational Support for Your Industry

We work with your program’s objectives and goals to provide the materials and equipment that your organization needs to properly train a workforce. We provide portable training systems, virtual reality, and more so that your students or employees are skilled in the latest technologies relevant to your industry. 

When you partner with Sivad Inc., you experience efficient and effective educational initiatives for the company.