Smart Automation

Smart Automation Training for Efficient Workforces

Modern industries rely on complex production systems and technologies to produce goods efficiently and effectively. Sivad Inc. provides automation training in systems and equipment to workforces and students alike to teach relevant, in-demand industry skills. From automation training and curriculum for robotics to system and equipment training for manufacturing automation, Sivad Inc. provides solutions for you.



We provide a full line of robotic automation training systems from FANUC and Amatrol that supports hands-on training and skill development. Our curriculum options encompass many applications including assembly, packaging, sorting, welding, production, and more. Students practice on machines they will be using on the job in a simulated and safe environment.


Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

We keep the workforce up to date with the two most prominent PLC producers, Allen-Bradley and Siemens. To ready learners for the demands of the industry, we provide the curriculum, equipment, and training for PLC operation, programming, and troubleshooting. Students learn basic and advanced applications for a wide range of real-world scenarios. Our portable PLC learning systems allow for comprehensive curriculum anywhere with a mobile workstation.



Mechatronic education is one of the fastest growing programs in the world. With a multitude of industries relying on production systems that can produce high-quality products at a low cost, the ability to operate, program, and troubleshoot automation technology is in high demand. Automation Ttraining is vital for different engineer and technician careers. Sivad Inc. provides the necessary training resources for Amatrol’s mechatronic learning system for a comprehensive learning experience. Our mechatronic education programs integrate many areas of expertise including mechanical, electrical, electronics, and software.

smartauto-advanced manufacturing processes

Advanced Manufacturing Processes

For comprehensive automation knowledge, we provide Amatrol’s manufacturing process training. Developed in conjunction with industry and education needs, our curriculum and equipment ensure skills support modern production. For technicians, engineers, production workers, and more, each participant gets extensive automation training in manufacturing process systems.


Smart Sensors

Smart sensors are changing the landscape of input-based data processing and have a wide variety of applications. Sivad Inc. ensures the future and current workforce is able to address the integration of smart sensors within industries and interact with them in a productive capacity. With educational materials and instructor training, Sivad Inc. ensures proper education on smart sensor technology.

Sivad Inc. can provide you with the smart automation technology, curriculum, and instructor training you need to get an effective and efficient workforce. Call Sivad Inc. today to get started in educating your employees or students.